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Orkay fragrance

In 1956, Mr. P.V. Venkata Subbaiah Chetty established the “Sri Srinivasa Agarbathi Company” in Chintamani, near Bengaluru. In 1957, the company relocated to Bangalore city under the continued leadership of his elder son, P.V. Jayaramaiah Gupta.

After 29 years, the company underwent a strategic rebranding, emerging as “Orkay Fragrance” and introducing the trademark “Snake Brand”. The legacy saw further enrichment with the involvement of Mr. P.J. Ravi Kumar, representing the third generation, who, alongside his wife, P.R. Shruthi, continued the family’s entrepreneurial journey.

In a testament to the family’s enduring commitment, Ravi Kumar’s children, P.R. Shivani and P.R. Nirmita, joined the company as part of the fourth generation, contributing to its ongoing growth and success.. Throughout our journey, we’ve undergone transformations in name and location, yet our core essence remains immutable. With a heritage spanning over 60 years in Incense Chemistry, our brand epitomizes authenticity, purity, and unparalleled quality. Notably, we proudly stand as the sole manufacturer of signature high-premium incense sticks, bearing the esteemed name “Snake Brand Orkay Chandan”, in the entire world. Ranging from an MRP of Rs. 55.00 to Rs. 1,00,000.00 for a single stick, our products set the standard globally.Top of Form



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Agarbathi is deeply intertwined with Ayurveda, Meditation, and Holiness, among other revered traditions. We have meticulously infused these essences into our products, honoring their rich heritage. Our commitment lies in delivering a comprehensive range of premium agarbathi that illuminates homes and uplifts spirits alike. Crafted with authentic ingredients and exquisite fragrances, each product offers a truly enriching experience.

Moreover, we take great pride in our craftsmanship, manufacturing the world’s most prestigious agarbathi. This exclusive offering is meticulously crafted for special occasions and esteemed gifting purposes, embodying the epitome of luxury and sophistication.


At present, we maintain a comprehensive presence across India, supported by a team of seasoned marketing experts and an extensive network of dealers spanning every state. Our global outreach extends to key markets such as the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, facilitated by our trusted Merchant Exporters. Moreover, we directly serve customers in regions including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, UAE, Ukraine, and Morocco through direct shipping.

In response to the discerning tastes of our international clientele, we recently launched “Mystic Mantra”, our premium brand tailored to meet the sophisticated demands of our global audience.